Parkworks is dedicated to providing well thought-out, highest quality, parking solutions for U.S. development projects. We back-up every system with meticulous service, ensuring decades of the highest performance. For this reason Parkworks has partnered with Nussbaum and Sotefin parking systems to provide unparalleled engineering, quality, and dependability.


“Green” Benefits

Automatic Parking Systems provide many environmental advantages:

Nussbaum and Sotefin parking systems are able to park cars in half the volume of a conventional parking garage allowing huge savings in embedded energy and ongoing maintenance needs.

Parking cars in half the space allows for much greater use of urban green space and the attendant lifestyle and greenhouse gas benefits.

Both fuel consumption and carbon emissions are reduced because the vehicles are turned off during the entire automatic parking cycle.

Significant energy savings are realized for the parking structure because both the lighting and ventilation needs are minimal due to the cars being parked in a non-occupied area.



Parkworks’ ability to provide successful projects relies on supplying the best engineered systems and service to match. A successful system depends on first rate engineering, responsive and collaborative project management, meticulous installation, and finally, intelligent maintenance.