Nussbaum was founded in Germany over 70 years ago and began making car- moving equipment in 1975. It has received numerous awards and is ISO certified since 1995. They have a well-earned reputation for innovation and quality having produced and installed over 100 Parking Towers throughout Europe. The corporate culture is one of hard work with a focus on attention to detail. Their tight knit workforce of over 1250 workers makes equipment in 7 factories throughout Germany.





With pit, Liftparkers: Stackers with a pit provide independent access parking (all cars are accessible without the needing to move others). Liftparkers have either two or three levels that move as a unit up and down.

Without pit, Storeparkers: Storeparkers are mounted directly to slab-on-grade and allow as many as three levels of parking. Retrieving cars from upper levels requires moving lower level cars making these systems best suited for valet use, storage, or multi-car-owning users.



Nussbaum’s Puzzle Systems deliver superior engineering, workmanship, and performance. Puzzles operate by shifting grade-level platforms laterally to create an open space that is then filled by an upper or lower-level platform. The touchscreen interface is key-protected and allows intuitive operation; with only a touch, the puzzle silently retrieves your car within seconds. All movement of platforms occurs only behind locked gates ensuring complete safety.


Mechanical Valets

Mechanical valets accept your car, shuttle it to its storage location (either above or below grade) and retrieve it when requested.

Underground Systems: This is an ideal arrangement as cars are tucked below grade under buildings, plazas, and parks.

Tower Systems: The tower arrangement requires no excavation (except for modest footings) and provides parking for a very large number of cars on a small footprint of land.