Our Advisory Board

Tom Stubbs

Board Member since 2021
Partner at TMG Partners

Tom comes from a long career in real estate brokerage and development, with over 40 years of experience in the acquisition and leasing of commercial property across the UK, Canada, Denver, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Prior to joining TMG Partners in 1988, Tom was co-owner and founder of Stubbs, Collenette and Associates, Inc., a specialized brokerage agency focused on commercial property acquisition, sale, and leasing in downtown San Francisco. Tom’s earlier experience includes serving as President of Knowlton Realty Ltd, an international brokerage firm with a footprint across Canada and the Western United States.

Tom provides Parkworks with insight into all facets of large scale commercial and residential development.

Tim Koogle

Board Member since 2021
Impact Investor, Board Member, and Developer

With over four decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader, Tim has a track record of effectively guiding fast-growing companies.

Tim was one of the first six employees at Yahoo!, serving as the company’s Chairman and CEO from 1995-2001. Following this position, Tim established The Koogle Foundation, a non-profit organization with a mission to support the education of vulnerable youth and advance women’s and girls’ causes around the world.

Tim wears an amalgam of hats as an impact investor. He currently serves as Investor, Chairman and Board Member of Olly PBC, Ripple Foods, True Botanicals, Cadence Health, and Kasha Global, Inc., among many others.

As a Parkworks Board Member, Tim lends comprehensive advice on how to bring our rapidly expanding business to scale.

Todd Stevenot

Board Member since 2021
CEO, COO at BLVD Residential

Todd brings a wealth of experience in leading property management firms to success, with 30+ years of expertise in growth leadership, finance, and strategic oversight.

Todd has a proven record of success in guiding firms to achieve remarkable growth and profitability. Prior to his position at BLVD Residential, Todd served as CFO at PJT Camberview, a premier firm which provides investor-led direction to public companies on a range of critical issues, in order to build strong, lasting relationships with institutional investors and governance teams.

Todd offers Parkworks insightful direction in the areas of finance and OPS.

Tim Galusha

Board Member since 2021
Partner as TWSG Law

Tim is a partner at Thompson Welch Soroko & Gilbert LLP, with extensive experience and success in the fields of business, partnership, and property law. His speciality is property tax issues.

Prior to joining the firm, Tim externed at the California Court of Appeals for Justice Ming Chin, who subsequently served as a Justice of the California Supreme Court from 1996 to 2020.

Tim is a member of the Real Property and Business Law sections of the State Bar of California, the San Francisco Bar, and the Marin County Bar. Tim is also the former Co-Chair of the Marin County Bar’s Real Property Section.

As a Parkworks Board Member, Tim provides invaluable legal counsel and references.