Our Team

Michael Dennison, founder and president of Parkworks, has been in the business of procuring and maintaining sophisticated European machinery since 1985. 


With this history in mind, Parkworks has expanded as an experienced team of engineering professionals with an eye for quality machinery. The Parkworks team lends expertise in a variety of disciplines, including robotics, manufacturing, user experience, software development, and mechanical and structural engineering, to provide the best parking solutions for our clients. 


In order to provide the highest quality systems, Parkworks works closely with trusted international parking system manufacturers. We are the United States distributor and service entity for DE-Park Parking Solutions, providing Stackers and Lift and Slide parking systems. Parkworks also represents Sotefin, supplying large scale Palletless Fully Automatic Parking Systems. 


Parkworks provides an intensive and thorough regimen of preventative maintenance to ensure issues are addressed before they cause system outages. This maintenance is designed to have minimal impact on users, often occurring without users realizing it has taken place. Parkworks has proudly installed numerous systems that have seen over a quarter-century of daily use and continue to provide outstanding service today.


Starting off with exemplary equipment and following an intelligent maintenance program has allowed us to provide a remarkable uptime ratio. Our equipment has been in operation every working day since 1985 and has been down only 1 day in 7000.

Michael Dennison

Founder & President

Michael Dennison, founder and President, graduated Tau Beta Pi with an engineering degree from UC Berkeley and has worked as a design engineer at Rutherford and Chekene Structural Engineers in San Francisco. He has significant hands-on real estate development experience working as architect, engineer, and builder. In 1984 he founded Bavarian Professionals, a top-flight BMW service center located in Berkeley, and has extensive experience in all aspects of maintaining and repairing European equipment.

Sofia Stechschulte

Development Manager

Sofia Stechschulte, Development Manager, graduated with a BA in Economics and History from Santa Clara University. She oversees new and existing projects, as well as business operations.

Grant Shipway

Lead Engineer

Grant Shipway, Lead Engineer, graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley. He handles the technical integration of projects for Parkworks, and assists in development of plans for future projects.