Parkworks is proud to announce a new partnership with DE-PARK

Parkworks is delighted to announce a recent collaboration with DE-PARK.

Parkworks is proud to announce DE-PARK as its new provider for semi-automated parking systems.  Semi-automated systems play an important role in the overall landscape of parking solutions.  Low cost and efficient, they allow for far greater parking density compared to traditional parking.  While semi-automated systems are less complex than fully automatic systems, there is quite a range of design and quality when you compare manufacturers, and Parkworks is now teamed with the best.

Previously Parkworks installed high quality systems from Nussbaum of Germany.  Three of the best product designers and engineers departed Nussbaum and formed DE-Park in 2016.  Since then more employees chose to join DE-PARK.  The leaders of DE-PARK have over twenty years of executive experience, and Parkworks has been working with these leaders for over a decade.

DE-PARK can be thought of as Nussbaum 2.0.  With the formation of a new entity, the designers of DE-PARK were able to shed known issues and design from the ground up.  In addition, 100% of the manufacturing (not just assembly) is done in Germany.   A list of improvements includes:

  • Highest quality controls
  • Highest quality power and hydraulic components
  • Fully flat platforms
    • Safer, better user experience
    • Similar to what we are all use to:  Flat parking floors
  • Extra-wide gates
    • Easier entry and exit
    • Less chance for vehicle damage
    • Fewer issues due to driver error
  • Superior technical support

Please contact Parkworks with any questions about how DE-PARK semi-automatic solutions might meet your parking needs. DE-Park