PUZZLE (with Pit) // UNIPARKER N5404


PUZZLE (with Pit) // UNIPARKER N5404

The intelligent Sliding-Liftsystem on 4 levels, with pit!

The Uniparker N5404 is used for semi-automatic parking of vehicles starting from 17′-7” clear room height, with pit. Each vehicle can be parked and retrieved independent from the others (independent parking).

The UNIPARKER N5404 at a glance:

  • Up to 300% more parking space
  • Independent parking on 4 levels, without pit
  • Horizontal accessible platforms for comfortable use
  • Lower level with lifting platforms (lifting and lowering), entrance level with shifting platforms and one empty space
  • The parking spaces at entrance level are directly accessible
  • To park or retrieve a vehicle in the pit, the empty space at entrance level is shifted to the position where the selected platform will be lifted
  • No pillars at entry area for more comfort
  • Gates are necessary at entrance level for safety reasons
  • Flexible thanks to different versions
  • Available for Indoor and Outdoor use (Outdoor installation with housing)
  • Modular arrangement in segmental construction
  • For permanent users, only


  • Via touch-screen terminal in semi-automatic function
  • Via remote control (option)

Further information

  • Platform capacity 4400 Ibs as an option up to 5700 Ibs or on request
  • Platform widths starting from 7′-7” up to 8′-10” or on request
  • Length of space: 16′-5” to 17′-1”
  • Driving sheets as trapezoidal sheets, as an option aluminium-bulb-plate, etc.
  • Protection against corrosion C3-Line as a standard
  • Fastening to a back wall

Technical Data

7′-3” from 18′-5” 5′-3” from 5′-3” 5′-3”/5′-3”
7′-7” from 19′-4” 5′-7” from 5′-7” 5′-7”/5′-7”
7′-11” from 20′-4” 5′-11” from 5′-11” 5′-11”/5′-11”
8′-3” from 21′-4” 6′-3” from 5′-11” 6′-3”/6′-3”
8′-6” from 22′-4” 6′-7” from 6′-7” 6′-7”/ 6′-7”

Pit length needed for a  16′-5” vehicle: 17′-11”. System length is 1′-2” greater on each side. This means 20′-2” total length. (On the entrance level and on the uppermost level it is possible to park 8” longer cars)
All dimensions in feet. Other dimensions available on request.
Technical modifications and changes are reserved. | Stand 03.2014