Sotefin Parking Systems

Parking is becoming a major issue in many cities as people move to urban cores, and existing parking facilities are often displaced by commercial and residential development. As such, inventive solutions are required to solve the shortage of availability. Fully automatic car parking systems from Sotefin Parking provide such solutions and enhance the user experience in many ways. Sotefin parking systems provide a simple, fast, and safe user interface and provide the ultimate in protection for parked vehicles.

Parkworks and Sotefin supply fully automatic parking systems that accept cars for storage in a custom designed Portal that is about the size of a two car garage. The user is guided to park the vehicle approximately in the center of the Portal. Upon parking, the user leaves the Portal, and uses a card-reader to request that their vehicle be taken into the system and parked automatically. A patented dolly lifts the vehicle by its tires and gently places it onto custom parking hardware with precision, where it is then transported to an available remote parking space.

When the user returns to pick up the vehicle, they make a request at the card-reader and minutes later their car has returned to the Portal and is ready to be driven away. The only place where the system is in contact with the car is at the tires.

System Size Range: Typical systems range from 40 spaces in a system to more than 1000.

Vehicle Size Range: Sotefin systems can accommodate vehicles ranging in size from a Mercedes Smart Car and Fiat 500s to the long-wheelbase models of BMW and Mercedes. Vehicle weight capacity is 5,500 pounds and the system meets ADA standards.

ISO Certified Sotefin has focused on the supply of the most efficient and robust Palletless Automatic Parking Systems since the 1950’s. There are many systems that are in their 6th decade of continuous use. With over 400 systems installed on all continents (with the exception of Antarctica) of an average age of over 25 years, Sotefin is the worldwide leader in automatic parking. As an example, downtown Milan is home to a 540 unit system that was installed in 1963 and was refurbished in 2012 (after 47 years of continual use) and provides 365 days per year parking.

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