Suitable for:

  • Private car parks
  • Valet parking
  • Car dealerships
  • Car rental areas
  • Car repair workshops

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The hydraulic STOREPARKER N2502 is used Indoor and Outdoor to double the number of parking space on existent area, above ground. To park and arrange vehicles it is necessary to drive out the vehicles on the levels below (dependent parking).

The STOREPARKER N2502 at a glance:

  • Up to 100% more parking space
  • Dependent parking on 2 levels, without pit
  • The upper platform is accessible horizontally, the parking level below has no platform – the cars are parked directly on the ground
  • The perfect solution for storage of vehicles up to 4400 Ibs
  • Flexible thanks to different system heights
  • Low requirements on the installation site
  • Available for Indoor operation only
  • Modular arrangement in segmental construction
  • For permanent use only


  • Key-switch unit (lifting/lowering) with emergency stop in dead man´s control

Further Information:

  • Platform capacity 4400 Ibs up to 5700 Ibs
  • Width of space: 7′-7” to 8′-7”
  • Length of space: 16′-5”
  • Driving sheets as trapezoidal sheets
  • Protection against corrosion C3-Line as a standard

Technical Data

from 10′-6”from 10′-8”from 10′-8”from 4′-11″*
to 16′-1”to 16′-3”to 7′-3”from 4′-11”

All dimensions in feet. Other dimensions available on request.
*The car-height above depends on the ceiling height. Higher vehicles can be parked on top if more room height is available – please contact us!
Technical modifications and changes are reserved. | Stand 12.2012