Suitable for:

  • Houses and apartment buildings
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Single garages
  • Pre-fabricated garages

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Liftparker N4602

The hydraulic LIFTPARKER N4602 is used preferably in underground garages for clear heights starting from     9′-10”. Each vehicle can be parked and retrieved in the Liftparker independent from the others (independent parking).

The LIFTPARKER N4602 at a glance:

  • Platform capacity 4400 Ibs up to 5700 Ibs as an option
  • Width of space: 7′-7” to 9′-0” or on request
  • Length of space: 16′-5” to 17′-9”
  • Driving sheets as trapezoidal sheets, as an option aluminium-bulb-plate, etc.
  • Protection against corrosion C3-Line as a standard


  • Key-switch unit (lifting/lowering) with emergency stop in dead man´s control

Further Information:

  • Platform capacity: 4400 Ibs as standard, optional up to 6600 Ibs or on request
  • Width of space: 7′-3” to 9′-2”
  • Length of space: 16′-5” to 19′-8”
  • Platform surface is covered with an aluminium-bulb plate
  • Intelligent control system

Technical Data

5′-7”/5′-5”from 10′-8”4′-11”from 4′-11”
6′-1”/5′-11”from 11′-2”5′-5”from 4′-11′
6′-7”/6′-5”from 11′-8”5′-11”from 4′-11”
7′-5”/7′-3”from 12′-6”6′-9”from 4′-11”
8′-6”/8′-4”*from 13′-7”*7′-10”*from 4′-11”*

All dimensions in feet. Other dimensions available on request.
Technical modifications and changes are reserved. |03.2014