Why Automated Parking?

What is the reason for choosing Automated Parking?


Can we design our urban parking structures to improve air quality and personal safety? Can we lessen building footprint? Can we create innovative parking that is cost effective? To each of these questions, Automated Parking Systems (APS) offer a resounding YES

1. Fewer Emissions

Vehicle emissions are well known to be detrimental to overall air quality. It is estimated that nearly 10% of overall vehicle emissions are due to parking-related circling and idling.¹ On top of overall negative contribution to the atmosphere, think of the quality of the air you breathe in a busy parking lot — exactly what we want to avoid. Fully-automated parking systems are 100% electric, which means zero emissions from vehicles during the parking process.

2. Emphasis on Safety

When we think of traffic accidents, we don’t think of parking lots. Yet driving in parking lots is still driving, and the dangers are very real. Problems happen due to distraction; distracted drivers and distracted car owners walking to or from their parked vehicles. The statistics will surprise you: Every year on average there are over 60,000 injuries and 500 deaths due to parking-related accidents.² In fully-automatic systems, there are no humans in the parking stalls themselves, eliminating this risk altogether.

3. Smaller Footprint

By way of efficient design and with no need for drive lanes, high ceilings or generous parking spaces, Automated Parking Systems are able to fit approximately twice the number of cars in the same building volume. This helps to minimize urban sprawl, and allows for parking in small buildings where there is not sufficient space for the drive lanes of a typical lot.

4. Cost effective

Since automated parking structures require roughly half the volume to park the same number or cars, developers can save a great deal of time and money, especially with underground parking. Digging is expensive. Construction is expensive. Even when accounting for the cost of a fully-automated mechanical parking system, the total price for construction can be significantly less. Save space, save time, save money: It’s no mystery why automated parking is rapidly becoming the choice of major American developers.

5. Better User Experience

Does anyone enjoy driving around a parking lot, looking for an available space? How about circling many stories of a garage in search of a space, to no avail? No one will miss this experience, and no one will miss wasting time this way. Imagine pulling into a clean, well-lit stall, conveniently located, with no need to circle a parking lot. This is what it is like, parking in an APS. Now imagine when it’s time to retrieve your car, and being able to do so from your desk or apartment, or as you walk back to the APS, so that your car arrives when you do, at your service. This experience will be yours, when your office or apartment building supports parking’s future.

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