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Parkworks is dedicated to providing the highest quality, custom designed parking solutions for west coast development projects. We back-up every system with meticulous service, ensuring the highest performance for decades. Parkworks has partnered with parking manufacturers like DE-Park and Sotefin to provide unparalleled engineering, quality, and dependability.


Double or triple your parking capacity with this simple, low-cost system. Lift and lower cars on strong, safe steel platforms.

Lift and Slide

Lift and Slide systems provide economic and convenient high-density parking. Cars are parked on up to three levels of movable platforms and with a push of a button your car lifts and slides to your designated space.

Fully Automatic

For projects requiring parking capacity of 50 or more vehicles, fully automated parking systems provide a hassle free solution in half the space required by conventional parking. Drivers simply pull into one of several “Portals” on the main floor of the system, exit their cars, and the system does the rest. No more driving around parking lots looking for a space.

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Proud Partners

Our parking systems start with the highest quality European manufacturing, ensuring unparalleled quality and dependability

Sotefin Parking Systems
De-Park Parking Systems

Earth-Saving Benefits

Automatic Parking Systems provide many environmental advantages

Saves Energy

De-Park and Sotefin parking systems are able to park cars in half the volume of a conventional parking garage, reducing energy use in lighting, ventilation, and maintenance.

Increases Urban Green Space

Parking cars in half the space allows for much greater use of urban green space and the attendant lifestyle and greenhouse gas benefits.

Reduces Fuel Consumption

Both fuel consumption and carbon emissions are reduced because the vehicles are turned off during the entire automatic parking cycle.


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